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I install the latest after market flushing device which consists of an extra long curved dip tube to create a swirling motion to lift and drive sediment to the drain valve which I replace with an full port ball valve to maximize the flushing action. This maintenance flush should be performed every 6 months to keep sediment from accumulating. The factory installed dip tube only reaches 2/3 down the tank so when the cold water enters it mixes with the hot water at that level and reduces the hot water storage capacity of the tank. Also between 1993 – 1997 many tanks got bad plastic dip tubes that dissolve in hot water. When the dip tube breaks off then the cold water enters the top and mixes with the hot water resulting in very short hot showers. The flush device I install not only corrects this problem but increases your hot water storage capacity by reaching all the way to the bottom of the tank and provides the most effective way to flush out returning sediment to keep the snap crackle pop noise from returning.